What happens when jail is a real possibility?

You’ve been found guilty after trial, or you want to plead guilty, and the Crown will ask a judge to consider a jail sentence. What do you do? You are scared of going to jail for the first time, or for a long period of time.

In order to convince a judge that your sentence should not include jail, or that it should be much shorter than what the Crown will ask, your lawyer will start by collecting your background information. Your lawyer may even recommend that you start participating in programs which will help convince a judge that recidivism and risk have been lowered. These programs usually include counseling (credit counseling for fraud charges, anger management for physical violence, alcohol or drug rehabilitation for addiction issues), but may also include restitution and community service.

Celine Dostaler also enlists the help of a professional who works in prison consulting : this individual not only recommends steps that will lower your possible jail sentence, he also helps in counseling before you are incarcerated, and helps you apply for daily access passes and parole as quick as possible. His help allows you to go through the system prepared, and ensuring your rights to access parole are respected.

Not only does Celine Dostaler help her clients obtain a lesser jail term when the Canadian Judicial System is moving towards a system of mandatory minimums, she helps clients get released from the system faster.